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Transportation and delivery

Transportation cost

Shipping starts at $40, but can exceed $40 in some countries. E.g. (South Africa, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Israel, etc.)

Basic freight (package ≤0.5kg or corresponding volume) depends on time zone and country.

Does not include any taxes, insurance, handling charges, duties (including but not limited to duties) or other similar charges, the payment of which will be solely your responsibility. Actual freight charges are subject to specific circumstances.


Delivery method

Yilufa ships parts orders from China to most countries in the world. For this order, we currently provide FEDEX/ DHL/ TNT delivery method.

Note: There are only FEDEX logistics channels in the following European countries (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain). DHL can only be used if the weight is over 5KG.


UPS/FedEx International /TNT/DHL Express Account:

Customers can also use their own UPS/FedEx/TNT/DHL Express account to ship their goods. Please select "Use my own shipping account" and fill in the shipping address and shipping method page. As shown in the picture below:

DHL E-commerce and DHL Express:

They are both owned by DHL, but in different directions.

The biggest difference is the transport rate:

DHL E-commerce - Slower than airmail. When the package arrives in the destination country, the destination post office will take care of the transportation.

DHL Express, faster.


Delivery time

For stock parts, orders can generally be ready for shipment within 4 hours.

Yilufa ships once a day around 5pm. Except Sunday.

Once the goods are shipped, the estimated delivery time depends on the mode of transport you choose:

Fedex International, 5-7 business days.

DHL Express, 5-7 business days.

Here are the logistics times for some common countries.

Note: The table above is for reference only. The logistics time of the recently filled warehouse is delayed by 15-20 days.